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Customer E-Mail Notification Service

Would you like to stay informed about system maintenance that might affect your service?  Find out when we’ll be flushing hydrants, performing routine repairs, and receive important water related notifications.  Send us an email request to water@townofgroton.org to be added to our distribution list.

Online Water & Sewer Bill Payment Is Available


To accommodate our customers who would like the convenience of paying their water and sewer bills online, we offer a low fixed fee electronic check payment option.  You may also pay by credit card for a fee.


(This is for a one time only transaction. To setup recurring payments you will need to use the Direct Debit Service.)


Have your water and sewer bill in hand (you will need your water account number and the fiscal tax year) and click on the UniBank logo to the right:

MA DEP Public Water Supply Number 2115000

Groton, Massachusetts

An automatic payment plan is available for Groton Water Department customers.


With your signed authorization form, the Water Department can directly debit your checking or savings account for the exact amount of your water/sewer bill each billing cycle.  This will save you time and postage, and you will never need to worry about paying late fees, because this is a recurring transaction.


Sign up today!  Click here to download the authorization form:

2015 Consumer Confidence Report


Previous Years Reports


This report is also available in printed version at the Groton Town Hall.

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Direct Debit Service Is Available

This years Consumer Confidence Report for water delivered in 2015 is now available. 

If you have any questions about this report or your water quality, we would like to hear from you, please contact us.

Consumer Confidence

Online Water & Sewer Bill Payment Is Available

E-Mail Notification Service

Common household leak detection

Could a tiny unnoticeable drip be costing you money on your quarterly water/sewer bill?


These few quick easy tips can help your conservation efforts in detecting common household plumbing leaks that could be costing you quite a bit on your quarterly water/sewer bill.


Click here to read about a few things you can do to make sure your money isn’t draining away down your plumbing.

Lead and Copper Information

In light of recent news regarding Flint, Michigan and other water suppliers having Lead and Copper issues in their drinking water, the Groton Water Commissioners and Department Staff have put together an informational letter for any of our customers with concerns.


As always, please feel free to contact the office with any specific questions or concerns.


Groton Water Lead and Copper informational letter.


EPA Information and letters:


EPA Memo LCR Sampling 2016-02-29


EPA Memo Lead Copper Sample Aerators 2006-10-20


EPA Collecting and Calculating Compliance 2004-11


EPA Memo Grumbles WSG 174-2004-11

REVISED Mandatory Outdoor Watering Ban

Mandatory Water Ban



The Board of Water Commissioners voted on August 4, 2016, to institute a complete water ban on all lawn watering and lawn irrigation until further notice.


Middlesex County and Groton, MA is listed as being in a “SEVERE DROUGHT” by the Department of Environmental Protection. The “Drought Watch” status is due to the lack of precipitation over the past 12 to 18 months. This has left our aquifers at extremely “low” levels. In addition, we are seeing increased summer demands for lawn watering. This puts pumping capabilities at our wells at a critical point that we must continue to monitor and address daily. The Groton Water Department understands that this restriction is severe, but we need sufficient supplies of water for every day needs such as cooking and bathing and fire protection. The long term forecast for the next 30 to 45 days is for very little precipitation. 



Customers not complying with the new restrictions may be levied with a fine of $50.00 for the first offense and $100.00 for the second offense and/or terminated from service.


Approved uses are as follows:

Hand held watering or slow drip irrigation of flower or food gardens and newly planted trees and shrubs.

Charitable car washes as approved by the Water Superintendent

Institutional watering of athletic fields as approved by the Water Superintendent

Water customarily used in construction as approved by the Water Superintendent

Water used in the agriculture.

All other specific uses as approved in writing by the Water Superintendent on a case by case basis


Washing of cars and filling and/or topping off of swimming pools is prohibited.


If you have any questions regarding this year’s Water Conservation Program, please do not hesitate to contact our offices, Monday through Friday during normal business hours at 978-448-1122.



Board of Water Commissioners


Mass DEP Drought Letter


Rainfall History 2015


Rainfall History 2016


Annual Precipitation History 35 Years

Seasonal Water Main Flushing Notice



Due to the status of the current drought we are experiencing in northeastern Massachusetts and in Groton, the Groton Water Department will be unable to flush the water distribution system this Fall. The Groton Water Department typically flushes the water system twice a year in the spring and in the fall. The Department of Environmental Protection encourages all water systems to flush their water mains twice per year. At the Groton Water Department, we take this recommendation very seriously as it improves the water quality we deliver to you.


Flushing the water system will remove any iron and manganese that may enter the system from our sources at the Whitney Pond Wells. The heavy summer pumping demands typically introduce more iron and manganese from our sources in the wells. Flushing the water systems removes any accumulated iron and manganese in the pipes. During the winter months, less water is pumped and therefore less iron and manganese enters the system. The Baddacook Pond Well has an iron and manganese removal system in place prior to entering water system.


Flushing Groton’s water distribution system is a complex process of opening and closing any number of gate valves in certain areas of the distribution in order to maximize system flows through certain water pipes. Fire hydrants are connected to specialized equipment mounted on our trucks as water is flowed from a fire hydrant. The Water Department staff move from hydrant to hydrant in a scheduled sequence through the distribution system. There are approximately six separate areas we schedule to flush in this sequence. Flushing the water distribution system uses a great deal of water over this two to three week period. Water we just do not have to spare at this time.


If you experience dirty and/or discolored water, we recommend that you open as many cold water faucets as possible at the same time for about five or ten minutes. This will clean any dirty water you may have in your internal plumbing and/or in your outside water service line. This may vary for homes that are further from street. If you have a water filter, you may need to change this more frequently until we flush the system in the spring. If you have persistent dirty or discolored water, please call the water office during normal business hours so we can schedule a technician to visit your home.

Discolored Water Information Points



The Groton Water Department and Board of Water Commissioners would like to offer the following information with regard to possible periodic episodes of discolored water our customers may experience until the spring.


· Due to the drought this year, we could not flush the water distribution system this fall to remove the iron and manganese common in our water source. The aquifer levels have improved slightly, but are not at a point where we could flush millions of gallons of water over a 10 or 12 day period in order to flush the system.


· The discoloration in the water due to the higher concentrations of this iron and manganese is not harmful to your health. Though aesthetically displeasing; bathing, drinking or cooking with the water can still take place when this discoloration occurs.


· If you experience discolored water, we recommend that you open a few cold water faucets at the same time for about five or ten minutes. This should help clean any dirty water you may have in your internal plumbing and/or in your outside water service line. The clearing time may vary for homes that are further from street. If you have a water filter, you may need to change this more frequently until we flush the system in the spring.


· If flushing your cold water taps does not resolve the situation and the taps continue to appear dirty after an extended period of time, please call the water department office so we can schedule a technician to visit your home.


· Should your problem continue after the normal business hours listed at the top of this page, please contact the public safety building non-emergency line at 978-448-5555. The dispatchers can contact a water technician on call to assist you with the situation.

Well Cleaning Project



The following is a notification to all Groton Water Department customers that beginning on Monday, March 13th, 2017, the Groton Water Department will start the process of cleaning two drinking water wells at Whitney Pond. This project will take approximately two weeks to complete. During this time, we will be activating an Emergency Interconnection with the Town of Westford. Some businesses and residents in the area of Shaw’s Supermarket and the Duck Pond neighborhood will experience lower than normal water pressures and periods of dirty water. Once the project has been completed, water pressure will be restored and you may again experience a short period of dirty water. We ask that folks try and conserve water during this two week period.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Well Cleaning Project or other more specific concerns, you may either contact the Groton Water Department Office during our business hours, Monday through Thursday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM and Friday 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM at 1-978-448-1122 or go to the our website at grotonwater.org.

Water Rate Change Information



In accordance with the provisions of Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 40, section 42A to 42I, the Board of Water Commissioners voted on November 29, 2016 to adjust the water rate structure as follows:


The $10.00 Service Charge has been increased to $13.00 per quarter and shall apply to all water meters both domestic and irrigation.


Domestic water rates for Tiers 1, 2 and 3 were not increased. All use over 46 units and greater will be billed at the new rate of $5.72 per unit.


Irrigation rates for irrigation meters are as follows:

Tier 1 – 0 units to 15 units is now $4.34 per unit

Tier 2 – 16 units to 30 units is now $4.98 per unit

Tier 3 – 31 units to 45 units is now $5.72 per unit

Tier 4 – 46 units and greater is now 6.57 per unit


The new water rates shall become effective as of January1st, 2017 for all water consumed as of this date.



Town of Groton

Board of Water Commissioners

John J. McCaffrey, Chairman

November 29, 2016